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New Jersey's Mold Removal Company

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Water intrusion or high humidity in your home or business basement or crawl space can be extremely unhealthy, costly over time and pose significant health issues if they are not handled in a timely manner. At NJ Mold Pros, we know what it takes to solve your water intrusion and moisture issues and rid your home of any mold issues
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here’s What We Offer
NJ Mold Pros offers all the services to keep your home a safe place for your family and pets, including:

  • The most Comprehensive Mold Inspections
  • Mold Testing – samples pulled by our certified mold inspectors are sent to SanAIr Laboratories (the #1 Lab n the East Coast) for analysis.
  • Certified Mold Remediation following the NY Standard or IICRC S520 Protocols
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Foundation Repair
Mold Testing
Mold testing is essential in helping determine the scope of work in a mold remediation project. Some will say that it’s unnecessary to test, even some state agencies will make that claim. They couldn’t be more wrong, and I’ll tell you why. Often mold is visible and easily detectable. But many times, the problem exists inside the walls cavities and is not visible. So testing would be one way of helping detect a non-visible mold problem. A second, if the mold air tests show very high levels if air contamination, then the remediation protocol would require additional scope if work to include disposing of carpets, furniture, mattresses etc.
mold inspections
Before performing mold testing, it is best to have a certified mold inspector perform a comprehensive inspection of the property. In addition to the visual inspection the certified mold inspector will ask the occupants a few questions to help him/her get a better understanding of the history of the problem in the home, as well any ongoing health issues or symptoms being experienced by the occupants. After the inspection and interview, the certified mold inspector will determine if mold testing is necessary.
certified mold
There is only one way to do certified mold remediation. In your research you most likely have seen
companies touting cutting edge ways to treat your mold. The industry experts (Industrial Hygienists)
have determined that the NY Standard and IICRC S520 are the only recognized and universally
accepted ways to remove mold from your home. Many companies will claim they are performing
remediation when in fact they are simply spraying chemicals on top of the mold, but NOT removing
it. Remediation is the physical removing of the mold spores. For more detailed information click
Your basement should not leak. Your cinder block foundation walls should not look dark or be wet to the touch. If it does, your foundation needs to be repaired. Over time basement waterproofing problems can cause expensive structural problems. But the more common problem is the damp humid environment this water intrusion causes can lead to air quality issues in your home and possibly even mold. Even if your basement does not have an active leak, if the humidity levels rise above 58% mold can grow in your basement. Remember that up to 50% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your basement or crawl space through the stack effect (link to a video I will produce). So closing your basement door doesn’t stop you from breathing in the basement air on the first and second floors of your home.
It’s not unusual for you to see small hairline cracks in a few spots on your foundation walls. It doesn’t matter if your foundation walls are cinder block, poured concrete or even brick. As your home ages cracks will appear. Here’s what you need to be concerned about. Vertical cracks (they go up and down) usually aren’t an issue unless there is water seeping through the crack. Horizontal cracks (go from right to left) can be serious, especially for cinder block foundations. If you’re not sure if you have an issue, give us a call, we’ll be happy to come out and give you the expert advice you need. Remember cracks will progress at their own pace. The cost to fix the cracks can get more expensive as they get larger (longer). Give us a call, we can help you determine if any repairs are needed.
NJ Mold Pros To The Rescue!



No one wants to live in an unhealthy environment. 60% of the homes in this area have some sort of undiagnosed water or moisture intrusion problem. This is where NJ Mold Pros comes to the rescue. We are the experts at inspecting and diagnosing water and moisture issues in your home. In your basement, crawl space or even in the interior walls of your bathroom, utility room any room that has plumbing, may have plumbing leaks that go unseen. Our certified mold inspectors will find any issues and provide a comprehensive solution at an affordable price. We know what it takes to resolve your issues quickly and prevent them from occurring in the future. Give us a call, we are here to help.

Mold remediation is an important part of keeping your home in tip top shape. Mold can cost you obscene amounts of money to repair if the job isn’t done correctly. To make matters worse, exposure to mold can cause life threatening illnesses to people and their pets! In order to get this done, testing and inspections must be carried out as soon as suspicion arises. After the inspections come back positive for an unhealthy amount of mold, it is time to get down and dirty.

NJ Mold Pros technicians will put their certified expertise to work; abating out anything and everything that has been invaded by mold. We know that nipping the problems origin is needed to prevent any further damages.

Mold spray NJ
Water proofing
Basements always seem to emanate a musty, earthy smell. Though this cliche is widely accepted, it shouldn’t really be that way. If this is the case, then you have water coming in from somewhere. When water enters the home through the basement, it can spread all throughout the walls and floors of the house – jeopardizing the structure of the property and the wellbeing of your belongings. This can also lead to mold growth very quickly, and we already know the dangers that brings.

It is best to solve this problem before it worsens. NJ Mold Pros will waterproof the interior and exterior of your basement while allowing proper drainage so water won’t be a problem. Crushing this issue quickly can save you a lot of time, money and headaches.

The crawlspace is a pretty unsightly area of the home, which rarely is seen or put any thought into – but these spaces tend to be a big starter that fuels the fire of indoor air quality and mold problems. Air usually flows around the crawlspace and moisture up there is a breeding ground for mold. Since the insulation is usually soft and absorbent, this makes it easy for water to remain up there for long periods of time.

To eliminate this, the crawlspace should be encapsulated. This puts a protective barrier between the elements and the inside of your home. With this added protection also comes other benefits like low cooling costs, lowered risk for insect problems, and a better smelling home.

Crawlspace encapsulation

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If you want to keep your home in top-tier condition, NJ Mold Pros has you covered. Save yourself the headache and give us a call to schedule an inspection today!

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