Foundation Repair

Foundations are the base for your home or business. Without them, buildings would likely topple over. Even having a foundation might not be enough if it becomes faulty.

These issues can be very scary as they cause structural damage to the home. If you have any problems along these lines, NJ Mold Pros is here to help with foundation repair and structural mold remediation!


Causes For Foundation Issues
The need for foundation repair can come from a variety of ways. Building on expansive clay, earthquake areas, improperly compacted and compressible soils, and poor maintenance are all culprits of the foundation decay. Older homes are more prone to these issues as building regulations may have been less strict and time has allowed the weather and environment to wear down the ground it sits on.

These issues can plummet the value of the property and even deem it unsafe. Noticing any signs of deformation is crucial in keeping your home in good shape. The earlier the better – time will cause the foundation to sink even more and result in more costly repairs.

How To Fix Sunken/Damaged
Foundation repair is not really a DIY job. In fact, it requires professional experience in order to complete properly. NJ Mold Pros will gladly inspect your foundation for faults. Once we have found a problem, we will determine which method to apply. Whichever technique we use, whether it be piercing, slabjacking, or structural mold remediation we will keep our best foot forward.
Piercing is a type of foundation repair we use that involves strategically placing mechanical jacks to lift up the beams to the appropriate height and grading. This is done very carefully to avoid any unnecessary damages. Once held up, the footing and piers are inserted deep enough to where the soil moisture and movement isn’t a big factor in stability.
Determining Foundation Problems
Every foundation settles over time; they are meant to. But problems arise when they settle unevenly. There are many signs and symptoms of a bad foundation that you can look for, such as:

  • Unintentional sloped or cracked floors
  • Interior wall cracking
  • Exterior wall cracking
  • Visible foundation cracks
  • Gaps between walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Displaced moldings
  • Doors and windows that have separated from their fixtures or don’t open and close properly
  • Structural Mold Growth
Another foundation repair we use is slabjacking. This is carried out by pumping cement through small holes we create in the foundation.

This creates a new barrier that solidifies the structure of the foundation. A soil-lime cement grout is used to stabilize the base or sub-base. The lime content will work as a solidifier, making for a very sturdy base and restores the grade of the slab.

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