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mold remediation


Mold Remediation

Homes experiencing mold infestation are a danger to your health and your wallet. If not caught early, the effects of mold can be fatal. When it comes to such a risk, it is best to get a hold of professionals as soon as possible. NJ Mold Pros will gladly help with your mold remediation needs.

Our team of certified technicians know that mold is a very dangerous substance, and we want to keep you safe. If you suspect mold in your home, we would be happy to take a look and run some tests.


Causes Of Mold Infestation

Mold can enter the home in many different ways. Depending on the location of your property, bodies of water can contribute. Residing by lakes, canals, rivers, and other bodies of water can add moisture to the air. When a home has any building defects or any type of constant exposure to the elements, humidity levels inside make for a great breeding ground.

Leaks, broken pipes, and flooding also give rise to mold growth. Since mold requires little moisture to flourish, it can start becoming a huge issue in a matter or 48 hours. This needs to be taken care of quickly!

mold remedy

What Goes Into Mold Remediation?

Once an inspection has been conducted and tests show you have a mold problem, it is time to get down and dirty. Because mold is an extremely treacherous organism, it creates an unsafe environment for those who live and work in it. Cleaning tiny bits of mold is quite easy, as you can get disinfectants and sanitizers from your local store to get the job done; but once mold has grown and spread out from typical, easy to reach areas, experienced professionals need to be on site to extract it.

Trying to clean large amounts of mold yourself can actually speed up its growth. Scrubbing, scraping, and other means of cleansing lunge spores into the air and make it easy to breathe in and spread to other areas. NJ Mold Pros have the necessary equipment to prevent this from happening and clear out all of the mold in a safe, efficient way.

Equipment And Machinery

On-the-job equipment and machinery are used to eradicate mold in a matter of hours. Industrial air scrubbers, large dehumidifiers, and professional drying systems are all incorporated into our IICRC approved methods of mold removal. With that, any areas of the home that pose a threat will be addressed accordingly.

Older homes tend to possess dangerous materials like asbestos insulation and lead paint, whose effects can be exacerbated by mold and moisture. These hazardous materials will disposed of properly and mold remediation will be under way.

Areas Where We Can Help

As far as mold goes, it is easy for it to spread into the tiniest of spaces – lodging itself into every nook and cranny. NJ Mold Pros certified mold remediation services will help in every area in the home, including but not limited to:

  • Bathroom Mold Remediation
  • Crawl Space Mold Remediation
  • HVAC Mold Remediation
  • Contents Mold Remediation

Our professionals will provide timely certified mold remediation using our equipment to remove mold all over the house. The air scrubbers dislodge dust, dirt, and debris in small spaces like light fixtures, air vents, and behind appliances. This leaves nothing for mold particles to cling on to and thus takes out any mold that may have built up over time.

Go With The Best!

NJ Mold Pros technicians know that cleaning out mold is a delicate process. With so much experience in the field, they will have your home or business back and better than ever in no time at all. Our certified mold remediation methods and techniques out rank any DIY or professional cleaning you throw at it.

Don’t hesitate to arrange an inspection and get this headache out of the way. Living and working in a safe environment is crucial to your health and can save you thousands in constant repairs and medical bills. NJ Mold Pros is the best way to go! Contact us ASAP for any information on our certified mold remediation and make mold infestation a thing of the past.

Contact Us Today!

If you want to keep your home in top-tier condition, NJ Mold Pros has you covered. Save yourself the headache and give us a call to schedule an inspection today!

New Jersey Mold Removal Company

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Spring Lake, NJ 07762