Mold Testing

Mold formation in the home or business is a very common property illness. Since it can cause damage to your home and your body, it is best to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Like any illness, it should be tested for before going in and solving the issue. NJ Mold Pros is ready to take action and find out if your home has succumbed to mold’s wrath.


What Is Mold Testing?


Mold testing is all in its name. Thes best way to test for mold growth is to take samples from the air and surfaces of the property and find out what type of mold is present.

If any mold is found, the next piece of the test is to determine if it can grow any further and spread in a given test area.

Surface Samples

Testing the surface of the property is conducted by obtaining samples from the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. Surface samples can be collected in numerous ways. Bulk samples, swab samples, and tape samples are the most common ways in which we conduct mold testing.

Bulk Samples: Bulk samples are taken by physically removing a piece of the sampled area and sending it to the lab for results.

Tape Samples: Clear tape is used to collect samples on the surface by pressing it down and removing it. The removal of the adhesive strip and bring along any mold that may have been present in that spot. Later the tape sample too will be sent to the lab for examination

Swab Samples: Cotton swabs and tools like them are used to test mold simply by rubbing them across the surface of a measured area. Any mold picked up by the swab will be taken into account during the analysis at the laboratory.

After Testing

Once mold testing is done with, the results will be relayed to you. If the mold poses no threat, then there nothing to worry about. But if it does, it is time to nip this in the bud. NJ Mold Pros will guide you in the right direction, telling you what the best step is to take toward eliminating mold in your home or business.

Following up in a timely fashion is best when it comes to mold, as it can multiply in numbers very quickly. We will work efficiently to remove mold and keep your home in the best condition possible.

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